Washington Award Portfolio

Lessons from the Forest, Part 1, 2015. Eight minutes, eleven seconds. Part 1 of a four part video series exploring the role of borders and diversity in nature and in human relationships, both personal and political.

Lessons from the Forest Part 2, 2015. 4 and one half minutes. Short film about finding and loosing oneself in an ever expanding universe. Thoughts about loss of language = loss of self, the body as a strange-stranger, the body as Universe, the self/mind as alien-child. Subtitles in German, Russian, Czech, Chinese and French. Featuring Alex, Mac OS X text to speech function.

PETs: Prescribed Engagement Therapy,  2013 – ongoing. Action oriented online pharmacy and interactive website. http://thenewurbannaturalists.org/pets/

Animal Projections, 2013. Instructional video towards the development of deeper interspecies relationships as a means toward planetary, environmental and societal stability. Video typical projected as part of a performative workshop led by the artist.

(RE)TIME, 2014. Performing the geologic time scale. Provisional audio available here: https://soundcloud.com/naturalists/re-time-working-draft

Petrenko_S_StoryShell_2012Story-Shell, 2012. Community construction commissioned by the Headlands Center for the Arts. Cold bent beechwood, donated fabric, plywood, stories.

Basket Experiment #1 (water cycle), 2014. Basket, movement and sound towards the development of the water cycle scene in Clinging to a Rock Hurtling through Space, a dance play currently in development.

copystills(RE)PLACE, rehearsal stills, 2014. Immersive multi-media performance featuring 8 dancers, two large video projections and sound. (RE)PLACE is about the body’s connection to other animals, rocks, plants and the ocean through the carbon cycle.

This_basket, made of my mother’s wedding dress, in the city she was married, Praha, CZ, 2015.

Pinophyta II, 2015. Wood, milk paint, waxed linen. 6 x 3 x 6 feet.