Q1-4: All Blue-Green

Diagnosis: Balanced and strong, grounded to the natural environment. Her strength lies in a very deep place, ancestral, familial experience and stories. From this grounded place, one can offer guidance to others regarding making and remaking connections to our natural environment. This giving-work will help to alleviate trace nature-deficiency syndrome and bolster against eco-aversive behavior.

Prescribed Actions:

Be an Earth Ambassador. This may be done in myriad ways. I will offer 3 options.

1. Discover the animals that live in your yard. Make or help make a home for them. Place little bits of fabric on a windowsill for nesting. Rearrange a log to make shade of a salamander or pill bug. Cultivate flowering plants to support your local bee population.

2. Help others make their connections with the natural environment. Give a friend a plant clipping or invite them for a walk.

3. Write about your feelings about Nature. Nothing too hard. But do it once a week.
A sentence, a list of colors, smells and textures. Or a poem, a story that reminds you of your deep connections to the natural world. Your positive vibrations will have untold repercussions.