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Q1-4: B,B,B,P
Q5: No Answer

Diagnosis: Eco-alienation. Strong ratings for Nature Connectedness, Mobility and Balance. Lower ratings for Recycling reveals a common but troubling duality. Humans are (according to modern scientific research) part of Nature. But to maintain our modern society, to survive economically, we perceive ourselves apart from Nature. This is a response mechanism produced to make exploiting Nature more culturally acceptable. But there are inherent consequences. In separating ourselves from Nature, we separate from ourselves. Some Eco-self realization exercises can help.

Prescribed Actions:
#1. Perform the following exercises whenever you feel stressed or besides yourself.
Pause briefly between each instruction before proceeding to the next. This may be done indoors whenever necessary, or outside in a natural setting for more enhanced results.

Sit down in a seat or on the ground.
Close your eyes.
Relax your mind and body by tightening and releasing all your muscles. Do this 4 times or until your body warms from the effort.
Relax your shoulders and extend your spine.
Breath. Inhale deeply for 6 seconds.
Exhale completely, for 6 seconds.
Inhale 1-2-3-4-5-6
Exhale 1-2-3-4-5-6
Feel your lungs expand with oxygen.
Realize and understand that the oxygen we breath comes for the plants and trees of the biosphere.
Now release the air as carbon dioxide and know that your breath is part of the endless feedback loop that sustains the planet, providing another life-giving gas to the plants and trees.
Lick your lips and swallow and say tree three times.
First, say tree like a secret.
Second say tree like it’s the name of your best friend.
Third, sing tree and sustain the sound as long as you can until you are completely out of breath.

#2 Recycle and avoid plastic. Be aware of your refuse. Slow down and ask yourself, “Can I recycle or reuse that?” If the answer is “No” consider not buying that item again. And ask the vendor if they can provide more Earth friendly packaging.
Prescribed actions: