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Q1-4: P, P, R, P


Q5: No answer

Diagnosis: Above average responses to Q1,2,4 reveal strong connections to Nature, Freedom/Mobility and Recycling. Average feelings of Security and or Balance may be improved by expanding understanding of Nature’s Systems.
May suffer from mild to moderate levels of Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD).


Prescribed Actions:

#1. Watch this video.

#2. Be an Explorer! Find a patch of Earth as wide and long as you are tall. This can be in your garden, backyard, or in a park or open space. Sit down, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Listen. Relax. Open your eyes, be careful to check behind you, and lay down, stretching out the full length of your body on the land. Feel the your body relax into the Earth. Let the ground support you. Enjoy the view.

Smell the air. What does it smell like? Can you smell the ocean? Does it smell like mushrooms, wet dogs, jasmine, fresh manure or sage? How many smells can you recognize? Open your eyes. Sit up. Look around. Hold your hands just slightly above the Earth. Do blades of grass brush your skin? Or are there small rocks and dry soil, reflecting the Sun’s heat up into your hands?

Lower your palms and dig your finger tips into the Earth. Is dry and brittle or damp and moist. Rub it between your fingers. What types of plants and animals might live here? Look closely at the fauna. Look closer and with more care. How many shades do green can you see? What’s that moving? A pill bug, a train of ants, a caterpillar, or a green-brown lizard, trying hard to be brave in the sudden cast of your shadow? Discover your patch of Earth! When you return inside make an inventory of all the insects, animals and plants you discovered. Visit your patch of Earth for 20 – 30 minutes at least once every two weeks for 4 months. You can bring a quiet friend as long as you both do the exercise. Watch the season turn.