PETS offers non-licensed, unprofessional action oriented suggestions that might help some people. PETS therapists are volunteers and receive no specialized psychological training and essentially make it up.

Colorization drawing of CPC QSS responses

CPC answered 1 – 4: red, blue, purple, (orange-red-purple-green)

Q5  Beach trip with relative/friend and companion animal.

Comments: CPC has a deeper relationship with nature than shown in data. Fact she lives with a companion animal, feels closeness to others while in nature as evidence.

Diagnosis A: Eco Aversion Syndrome

Prescription: Start a very small rock garden at home. Go for collection walks 1x weekly. Keep the rock garden in a place you pass-by frequently. Add to it, change it as often as you like. You can leave the rocks in their natural state or paint them colors. You can add things other than rocks, but it should be mostly rocks.

Diagnosis B: Previous submission concerning Separation Anxiety upon leaving home everyday. CPC puts a penny down on stoop habitually to control anxiety.

Prescription B: Before leaving home sit down on the floor in a comfortable space. Close your eyes and visualize each room, it’s contents and inhabitants bathed in shimmering light. See your rock garden. Understand over millennia, the earth and rocks are moving. Let the light fill your belly and your chest. We are astronauts! Make a non-verbal vocalization of your choice as you begin another space voyage. HAAAAAAWOOOOOYO_YO_YO … for example. Go out and explore.

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