PETS offers non-licensed, unprofessional action oriented suggestions that might help some people. PETS therapists are volunteers and receive no specialized psychological training and essentially make it up.



Colorization drawing GLR Q1 – 4

Q1-4 blue, purple, purple, purple

Q5 – undone

Diagnosis: Incomplete. All answers good to strong. Feels strongly connected to nature but only has ‘good’ recycling habits. There is a disconnect between her feelings and her actions. Some complacency? Or transformation?

Prescription: (Re) Placement Therapy. Visit for Videos. And/or check calendar for workshop schedule.

To improve recycling habits think about what you bring into the home. Yogurt? Cottage cheese? Are these items in plastic containers. Pick an item you can comfortably do without and nix it. Less recycling! Keep paper and cloth bags at the ready. When preparing to discard a recyclable into the trash, take a deep breath. Your actions are the true gauge of your values. Words have no meaning, words are symbols. Speak through your body, act on your beliefs.

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