PETS offers non-licensed, unprofessional action oriented suggestions that might help some people. PETS therapists are volunteers and receive no specialized psychological training and essentially make it up.



Colorization drawing JSE Q1-4


Q1 – 4 purple-blue, orange-red, blue, purple

Q5 – undone

Diagnosis: Incomplete. Poor to average sense of freedom and/or mobility. Good connection to nature, strong to good sense of balance and/or security. Good recycling habits. Poor sense of freedom is concerning as it can be repressive. Idea of freedom may need to be adjusted to accomodate financial or other concrete realities. Find sense of freedom and mobility with your means.

Prescription: (Re) Placement Therapy. Visit www.thenewurbannaturalists.org/blog for Videos. And/or check calendar for workshop schedule.


1. Alter commute patterns 1x per month, working up to 1x per week if possible. remarkable how a little variety sparks a sense of freedom and adventure. Ride a bike! Wear a helmet.

2. See the sunset once a week, at least. Find a peak, a roof top, a grassy knoll, a bar (with out door seating) and watch the blue-purple twilight envolope that orange-red star. There’s a moment when the wavelengths of color interact and the sky streaks green. Can you see it? Find it. It’s in you.

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