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MD Colorization drawing of QSS response

Comments: MD expresses deep connection to Nature however this does not equate to enhanced feelings of freedom or security. The absence of the higher transitional colors purple and blue is concerning. While MD feels deeply connected to the natural world evidenced by expert recycling habits, the All-One human-nature relationship only elevates Q2 and Q3 to below average to average ratings.

Diagnosis: Nature Deficit disorder. It may follow that MD requires MORE contact with nature to experience the benefits. It may be less about quantity and more about quality.

Prescription: Wordless walks in nature at least 1x per week, 35 minutes minimum duration working up to 1 or more hours (ideally 2 or more times per week). Sitting and walking okay. No cell phone. No head phones. Practice deep listening. Try going to Blake Gardens. It’s only open during the week until 4 PM. Or go to Tilden Park and hike the Wildcat Gorge trail.

Also start collecting interesting twigs. You can take the twigs home and paint them colors or you can leave the twig in the park once you’ve held it in your hand. Consider taking up whittling or not. But hike with a small knife. It’s good to be prepared. After your wordless walks, upon arriving home, write, draw or record your observations and feelings. Before you speak for the first time, make a non-verbal vocalization to release your wordless dreams.


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