Random Instructions


PETS offers non-licensed, unprofessional action oriented suggestions that might help some people. PETS therapists are volunteers and receive no specialized psychological training and essentially make it up. 



Say the name of someone or something (yourself included) until it has no/know/new meaning.

If you are at the bus stop, or waiting on a train, relax and feel your feet on the ground.

Feel your knees and hips, your spine release, sending energy upwards.

Feel your wrists and palms. Wiggle your fingers. Hold you hand up to the sky.

See the sky through your fingers. Imagine the Earth and all it’s creatures hurtling through

space, soundless velocity, more than miraculous. Every moment.

For more instructions visit the VIDEO page

Buy nothing for christmas this year. Instead, make everything. You can purchase raw materials but do not exceed $100 total for gifts this year. Make objects, treats, tools and adventures to show your love, share your love in a more embodied way.

After your activities today, before you go to bed, take a night shower, with the lights off.

Cut your bangs.

Dress in monochrome or the tints and shades of only one color.


do it.

Lie down somewhere outside today.

Stand up. Close your eyes. Find your balance. Raise your arms straight out to the sides of your body. Bend your RT elbow and bring the tip of your pointer finger to the tip of your nose.  Repeat with your LT hand.


Say hello to strangers today.


Touch a plant or tree today, with your fingers, your full palm and if possible your face.

Smell the plant or tree. Breath with it for a while.

Talk to three non-human animals today.

Be patient. Pay particular attention

to their body language and eye movements.

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