Listen to an excerpt of a recent performance/lecture by Artistic Director Sasha Petrenko.

Clinging to a Rock | Hurtling through Space is a dance play about earth science, human nature and our relationship to and alienation from the planet that sustains us. Projected video, text, voice, sound and movement result in somatic resonance revealing how interconnected we all are, human, animal, plant and mineral.

Scene 1: (RE)PLACE, 10 minute instructional ensemble performance about replacing your body back into the natural environment, with vocalization, audience participation, video projection.

Scene 2: The Great Ceaseless Flood, 12 minute trio performance with sound about the water cycle and how the ancient ocean turns over every 500 years.

Scene 3: (RE)TIME, 20 minute multi-media, (almost) solo performance. “Consider your time in relation to Earth-time.”

Chorus: Occurring twice during the performance, a 6 to 8 member chorus will emerge from the audience singing a mostly non-verbal song about methane.